Victoria Park, Finchley - Play Consultation

24 Jun 2019

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We asked

We asked you to comment on the proposals for the play equipment at the play area near the café and the play area near Long Lane.

You said

We received 64 responses to the survey for the play area near the café, and 54 responses for the play area near Long Lane. We also spoke to people at the two pop up events. The comments received for the play area near the cafe included; could the existing roundabout be reused? Could there be a 2nd trampoline?, more cradle seats are needed and more seating for adults. For the play area near Long Lane comments included; where has the basketball gone, more climbing/motor skills enhancing is needed and more challenge needed for older children.

We did

We reviewed our maintenance records for the roundabout in the play area near the café, to see if this could be reused, but due to wear and tear it will not be possible to reuse this piece of equipment. The seating for adults in the play areas will be installed once the new playgrounds are in place. A new multi use games area will be built later this year on one of the existing tennis courts, this will be marked and have hoops for basketball and football.

The outcomes of the consultations were passed to the play provider, who produced revised proposals. The revised proposals do not include a 2nd trampoline as there is insufficient space in the playground. The council has reviewed the revised proposals and these have been agreed. The order has been placed for the new playgrounds and it is planned that work will commence after the school summer holidays, firstly on the playground near the café.

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