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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

Special Guardianship Order – Rate Amendment

We Asked:

We asked your views on a proposal to amend the special guardianship allowance rates and align Barnet’s offering to the recommended minimum established by the Department for Education. This proposal would impact both existing and new special guardianship allowances. 

You Said:

During the consultation period, we received approximately 52 responses, predominantly from Barnet special guardians and family members which reflected a negative view to the proposal. While each individual’s circumstances are different, there were some common comments and questions raised on the sufficiency and determination of current financial support.

We Did:

We contacted you to clarify the council’s position on some key issues you raised such as the sufficiency of the support to meet the child’s needs, the role of the Court, and the requirement for annual financial reviews. The council is currently considering the feedback and will present a final proposal to the Children, Education, Libraries, and Safeguarding Committee in November 2017. 

Customer and Support Group Contract Review

We Asked:

We asked residents, traders and local businesses for their views on:

  • their experiences of contacting the council through the face to face contact centres at Burnt Oak and Barnet House, through the telephone system, or via the website
  • their experiences of interacting with the revenues and benefits service
  • suggestions for how these services might change to meet the changing needs of residents.
You Said:

Residents expressed concerns about contacting the council, about delays in dealing with council tax refunds and about the approach to validating single person discounts.  One resident raised concerns about how the council manages the contract, along with specific queries about call answering times and the delivery of various contractual commitments.

We Did:

The attached report to the Performance and Contract Management Committee on 15th November 2016 sets out proposals for improving the services that are delivered under the contract, including proposals to improve response times in Revenues and Benefits. The council continues to monitor Interactive Voice Recognition systems, to ensure that they operate effectively.  The report also sets out proposals to update the list of contract commitments and strengthen the monitoring of their delivery, along with other changes to further improve performance monitoring and reporting.

Consultation on landscape design proposals for Silkstream Park and Montrose Playing Fields

We Asked:

We asked for your views on our design proposals to refurbish and transform Silkstream Park and Montrose Playing Fields.

You Said:

Overall the feedback from both events was positive. Participants were generally happy and excited about the proposals. Those who attended both the Tea in the Park event and the drop-in sessions were keen to see facilities included such as toilets and cafe, and were also keen that levels of anti-social behaviours in the park are tackled. There were some concerns surrounding the practicality of parking, the capability of the park withstanding flooding, and security for both park users and the property of residents surrounding the site. The aspirations of the local community seemed to connect well with the Stage C proposals.

We Did:

Moving forward, the project will involve completing a full design review and issue of new proposals as well as concluding flood attenuation and ground investigation studies to understand the capabilities of the flood attenuation and an efficient playing pitch strategy. All the responses will be incorporated into the evolving design for Silkstream Park and Montrose Playing Fields and will form part of the package submitted for planning permission in January 2017. 

During the consultation process, we ask for your feedback, you tell us and then we make positive changes. Public participation is key to our work. See what happens with We Asked, You Said, We Did.