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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

Parks and Open Spaces draft strategy consultation

We Asked:

We asked people who live and work in the borough what they thought about the Draft Parks and Open Spaces Strategy.

You Said:
We received and processed over 140 completed questionnaires and had individual meetings with local residents’ associations and other stakeholder groups. We held workshops with ‘friends of parks’ groups as well as focus groups and the Barnet Youth Board.
You told us that you recognise the importance of the borough’s parks and the need to preserve and enhance them.  Responses confirmed an understanding that the projected growth in the borough’s population would influence the level of demand for open space in different parts of the borough.
Proposals for investment in parks was strongly supported in the consultation responses and there was a recognition that there was a real opportunity to bring significant amounts of external funding into the borough. Strong support was expressed for better signage, enhanced horticulture and more toilet facilities.
Options for the future management and funding of parks were considered to require further consultation and detailed development. There was a recognition of the need to address how to achieve an aspiration for a high quality service in the context of the need to identify budget savings. 
We Did:

Your feedback gave us significant information on the draft Parks and open Spaces Strategy and helped us to finalise the strategy to include more robust text on the options on how the parks service is run, as well as include specific points raised about dog walkers and specific parks. The council wants to continue the dialogue about how parks and open spaces will evolve and how the service will be delivered in future with people who live and work in the borough. The final strategy was approved and adopted at the Environment Committee meeting on 12th May 2016. You can view the final strategy here.

Lyttelton Playing Fields sports courts refurbishment consultation

We Asked:

The council plans to refurbish the hard surfaced sports courts at Lyttelton Playing Fields.  We asked for the views of local residents and park users to ensure that these improvements are in line with the needs of the community.

You Said:

We received 273 responses to the questionnaire and 14 letters of support, and there was general support for the project.  There was concern locally that the sports courts are falling into disrepair and becoming unattractive, which could impact on the use of the courts by park users, local schools and sports clubs. When asked why respondents do not use the sports courts, over half stated the poor condition of the courts was an issue. The majority of respondents (86%) stated that a refurbished facility would inspire them to use the courts more often.  Respondents generally regarding the refurbishment project as an important way of allowing local residents and park users to stay fit and active, as well as providing grass roots access to sports.

We Did:

The results of the consultation were incorporated into a bid to secure external funding which, if successful, will help to help deliver the project. The outcome of the first round will be heard at the start of August 2016 and we will report the outcome here.

Draft National Institute for Medical Research Planning Brief consultation

We Asked:
We asked for your views on the National Institute of Medical Research Planning Brief that took place over six weeks until 17th February 2016. This included a presentation to the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum and an evening drop in session at Mill Hill Library.
Consultation involved letters that were e-mailed to stakeholders on the Local Plan consultation database as well as posted to residents living next to NIMR area. A Public Notice was published in the Barnet Press to publicise the consultation. 
You Said:
There was concern locally that any development on the site should have a beneficial effect on the setting and outlook to the green belt. This was a mixed response, with notable support for the development’s impact, but concern that new development could be overbearing. Overall it seemed the Planning Brief had struck the right tone in this regard.
There was particular concern with the potential impact of construction traffic on the Ridgeway, amid reports that previous developments had impacted negatively on this issue. A certain amount of construction traffic is inevitable with any development, but that the effects can be managed by appropriate use of a construction management plan, which will be required alongside a planning application.
There was generally support for the “main building” within the NIMR campus. There was concern from the potential developer that this building may be beyond repair and conversion. The Council is clear that if the building is to be removed, it will expect a faithful replica to be rebuilt. A new building that differs from the original, but maintains the same height will not be acceptable.
You can read the responses in more detail here.
We Did:

All the comments were taken into account and National Institute of Medical Research Planning Brief was approved by the Policy and Resources Committee on 22 March 2016.

During the consultation process, we ask for your feedback, you tell us and then we make positive changes. Public participation is key to our work. See what happens with We Asked, You Said, We Did.