Providing greater support for Care Leavers through Council Tax Relief Public Consultation

8 months ago

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We Asked

There are currently more than 200 care leavers in Barnet, many of whom have experienced challenges in childhood and adolescents. We asked if you thought we should help these Care Leavers (up to the age of 25) by providing Council Tax Relief.

You Said

Residents were invited to complete an online questionnaire to give their views. 21 residents kindly completed the questionnaire with 90% agreeing Barnet Council should help Care Leavers by providing Council Tax Relief. Other feedback included the possibility of extending the support past the first two years and 79% felt the relief should be reduced to nil where a Care Leaver is jointly liable for Council Tax.

We Did

The results of this questionnaire, along with additional supporting evidence, were taken to a full meeting of the authority at Hendon Town Hall on 31 July 2018. We are pleased to say that this request was passed during this meeting and the policy is now in place. Thank you to everyone for taking time to give your views and enabling this to happen.