Draft Long Term Transport Strategy 2020 - 2041 consultation

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We asked

We carried out a full public consultation on the draft Long Term Transport Strategy 2020-2041, which outlined the council’s approach to improving transport and proposed a number of schemes to improve travel across the borough.

We asked for your views on the proposed vision and objectives for transport in the borough and on the proposed schemes to encourage walking, cycling, and public transport use across the borough. Furthermore, we asked for views on the schemes aimed at making freight and logistics, and car travel across the borough more sustainable, while encouraging active travel.

We asked you how we should prioritise resources in order to enable us to meet the vision and objectives of the strategy; public transport, walking and cycling were identified as priority areas. We also asked several questions in order to better understand the travel habits of residents, including how they travel, and their use of different modes of transport

You said

Overall, the draft Long Term Transport Strategy 2020-2041 was supported by respondents, with 61% of respondents agreeing with the vision of the strategy to some extent, and 78% agreeing with the objectives to some extent. The feedback from the consultation was varied, due to the nature of the different schemes but overall was positive towards the proposed schemes. For example, there was support for cycling infrastructure and improving the bus network but concerns for changes to car habits and the impact on vulnerable groups. The full consultation feedback is detailed in the Consultation Report which, along with the draft strategy, was considered by the Environment Committee on 9 September 2020. You can view the whole consultation report here.

We did

The draft Long Term Transport Strategy 2020-2041 was updated after taking into account the responses to the consultation. Changes included additional detail on the role played by rapid electric charge points in encouraging the uptake of electric taxis and private hire vehicles. We also included detail on the importance of motorcycles and dockless e-scooters. Further information was provided regarding the borough-wide plans for regeneration and growth, for example at Brent Cross. Additional information was included on equalities issues and supporting vulnerable groups with specific behaviour change activities, as recommended in the Health Equity Assessment.

The amended strategy was approved and adopted by the Environment Committee on 9 September 2020. You can view the final Long Term Transport Strategy 2020-2041 here.

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