Who is running the event?

    The assembly will be facilitated by TPXimpact Ltd on behalf of Barnet Council. Barnet Council have commissioned this assembly with delivery support from TPXImpact. 

    Why are you running this process?

    The proposal for the assembly was brought forward by Labour Councillors, following a manifesto that put sustainability at the heart of everything we do in Barnet. The Citizens’ Assembly was a top 5 commitment in this manifesto. It follows the council’s declaration of a climate emergency in May 2022 with a commitment to Barnet to become a Net Zero council by 2030 and a place as soon as possible after this, but no later than 2042. 

    What is the process of recruitment?

    We are aiming to recruit 40 participants to the Citizens’ Assembly. They will be recruited through a sortition process, which means we randomly select participants that are a broadly representative sample of our borough’s demographics. Recruitment will take place throughout Januaryand we will begin participant onboarding in late January / early February.  


    The invitation will come from our recruitment partnersThe Sortition Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in recruiting and selecting people by lottery to take part in these kinds of events, in a way that is broadly representative of the wider population.  

    What if I'm invited and I can't attend any of the dates?

    For those who are unable to attend any of the dates due to religious reasons, please still apply and we will discuss options with you, if you are successful in being chosen to participate.

    How will you ensure that the event is accessible?

    Participants selected to take part will receive expenses to compensate for their time.     

    The meetings will be held at an accessible venue and those participating will be given refreshmentstransport expenses and access to a prayer room or quiet spaceIf you are selected, please just let us know about your specific requirements (such as translation and support with accessibility) when we contact you. 

    The information provided during the event will be as jargon-free as possible. There will be opportunities for participants to ask speakers to explain what they mean if what they are saying is not clear. 

    How can non-participants get involved?

    If you have not received an invitation to take part in the assembly, we will be giving those interested to be involved in an observer programme. More information will be provided in 2023! 

    What will happen after the event?

    Barnet Council's Sustainability Team will oversee the next steps, and this will involve developing the recommendations from the assembly into borough wide actions.  
    We will organise a Community Action Day to involve wider community groups in informing and supporting the implementation of recommendations. We will also establish a Review Group to monitor progress and provide ongoing updates via this webpage.