What is a Controlled Parking Zone

    A CPZ is a system of parking bays and parking permits that prioritises parking for local residents, businesses and their visitors and customers. It deters the parking of non-resident and commuter-type motorists in locations dedicated to permit holders, making it easier for residents to park near their homes, and access to business to be maintained.

    How Do CPZs Work?

    Parking bays and single yellow lines operate during specified operational times. A CPZ and its operational times are indicated by signage when entering a CPZ and on corresponding parking bays. Signs will also indicate when you are exiting a CPZ.

    Parking, indicated by parking bays, will only be permitted where it is considered safe to do so; yellow lines are marked out in locations where parking would be dangerous or cause an obstruction – i.e. on bends, corners, dropped kerbs and junctions.

    The single yellow lines would operate for the same time as the CPZ unless indicated otherwise by signage adjacent to the line. Only resident and business permit holders will be able to park in permit parking bays in the area during the CPZ operational times.

    Each parking bay will be signed accordingly and will display a permit code depicting who may park in the bay. Permit holders will be able to park in the parking bays with the corresponding code. Parking bays will not be in force on Christmas Day, Good Friday and Bank holidays.

    Parking may take place in the parking bays without the need to display a valid permit or voucher and on yellow lines if no obstruction is being caused when the CPZ or yellow lines are NOT in operation.

    In some locations, double yellow lines can be introduced for safety reasons to deter obstruction, and maintain sightlines and traffic flow. No parking will be allowed at any time on these lines.