Joint consultation on the draft Residential Design Guidance SPD and draft Sustainable Design and Construction SPD

Closed 25 Aug 2016

Opened 14 Jul 2016

Feedback Updated 16 Dec 2016

We Asked

You can read about the The Residential Design SPD feedback here.

The Sustainable Design and Construction feedback:

We asked for your views on the refocused Sustainable Design and Construction SPD which captures changes on space standards as well as new standards that address accessibility, security, energy, noise, air quality and water conservation.

You Said

We received and considered 8 responses received from a mix of statutory stakeholders including the Historic England, Natural England, Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum, developers, local residents and the Woodland Trust. Responses covered issues on biodiversity, flood risk, air quality, space standards, energy standards in new buildings, noise and other issues unrelated to the SPD.

We Did

At the Policy and Resources meeting on 5 October 2016 it was agreed to adopt the Sustainable Design and Construction SPD. We responded to some of the issues raised including noise, air quality and space standards. Full detail of the council's response to the consultation responses can be found at Appendix 1 to the committee report.



Barnet has one of the most up to date Local Plans in the country following the adoption of the Local Plan Core Strategy and Development Management Policies documents in September 2012.

The Local Plan is a portfolio of documents that works in conjunction with national policy and the Mayor's London Plan to form the development plan for the borough. It sets out a framework for how development and growth will be managed in the borough including where new homes and infrastructure will be located and how new jobs will be created. With the support of this robust planning framework that clearly sets out our priorities of protection, enhancement and consolidated growth, the council is in a strong position to produce more detailed local guidance.

In order to help implement the Local Plan we have supplementary planning documents (SPDs), namely the Residential Design Guidance Supplementary Planning SPD and the Sustainable Design and Construction SPD. These documents were adopted in 2013 and provide further guidance on how policy should be implemented. Both SPDs compliment each other, with the first one covering design aspects of all residential developments, whilst the second SPD concentrates on the technical and construction side of all developments.

For further information regarding the draft Residential Design Guidance SPD and the draft Sustainable Design and Construction SPD documents please refer to our Planning Consultation page

Why We Are Consulting

The two SPDs will form an important part of Barnet’s Local Plan as they will help to provide more detail on the implementation of planning policies in the Local Plan. We therefore want to gauge the views particularly of residents, community groups and developers on these important supplementary planning documents.


What Happens Next

The consultation has now closed.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation, without whose valuable input the consultation would not have been possible. 

At the Policy and Resources meeting on 5 October 2016 it was agreed to adopt the Residential Design SPD and the Sustainable Design and Construction SPD.

You can see how we have acted on the results so far under 'We asked, You said, We did'. 


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