Revised selection criteria for the Local List

Closes 5 Jun 2017

Opened 15 May 2017

Results expected 12 Jun 2017

Feedback expected 19 Jun 2017




The London Borough of Barnet is privileged to have many buildings of local architectural or Historic interest. These buildings add to the character of the borough and are formally identified by being included on what is known as our Local List.   

The Local List is an opportunity for the community and the local authority to jointly identify heritage assets that are valued as distinctive elements of the local historic environment.

As the Local List has not been reviewed since its creation in 1986, the council has decided to review the selection criteria for the borough’s Local List as part of a wider community project.

Our draft Selection Criteria are based upon Historic England’s ‘Local Heritage Listing: Historic England Advice Note 7’ which was issued last year.  This is a good practice guide for local listings, and sets out what to consider when developing local selection criteria. The guide is organised under the general headings of Historic Interest and Architectural Interests.

We are now seeking your feedback, specifically regarding the new selection criteria. You can find out more about our draft Selection Criteria here.

Why We Are Consulting

We welcome your comments on our draft Selection Criteria for the borough’s Local List.

We want to give residents, businesses and other key stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the draft criteria so we can ensure it is appropriate and meets the needs of the borough. 

Also the National Planning Policy Framework states that local planning authorities should:  “Have up to date evidence about the historic environment in their area and use it to assess the significance of heritage assets and the contribution they make to their environment.”  So by reviewing and consulting our selection criteria it will also help ensure the list is up to date.

Please note Urban Vision Enterprise CIC, a heritage and community engagement consultant, is working on behalf of Barnet Council to carry out this consultation. Comments received on the selection criteria will help to inform and guide the nomination of new heritage assets.

Give Us Your Views

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