Burnt Oak Town Centre Project

Closed 22 Dec 2016

Opened 25 Nov 2016

Results expected 9 Jan 2017

Feedback Updated 26 May 2017

We Asked

We asked for your views on our Burnt Oak Town Centre Strategy

The strategy identified numerous key proposals to meet the strategy aims.  The majority of these proposals were public realm enhancements and building upgrades (shop front improvements), but also included potential development sites and highway improvements. The suggested improvements included works to the local Library, Church, introduction of a railway bridge mural, shop front improvements and a new modern kiosk shop outside the train station.

You Said

The feedback from our consultation highlighted two themes:

1) The urgency to start the works as soon as possible

2) What is the strategy if business/shop owners do not want to engage in the improvements?

We Did

We are happy to confirm that the on site works have already commenced and are due  for completion this summer (2017).

We created the strategy and engaged with the shop owners in a way to get the best possible response. If shop owners do not want to engage in the improvements then we can not force them to do so. The shop owners are responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of their shops. However, we are hoping the increase in footfall (the number of shoppers entering a shop or shopping area) and improvements to other shops in the area and will encourage more retail owners to keep their front of shop clean and tidy.


Burnt Oak Consultation Strategy Picture

The Burnt Oak Town Centre project commenced in mid-2015 to create and deliver a town centre plan for Burnt Oak. This project provides a £650,000 investment into the development of a strategy for the Town Centre and the delivery of public realm improvements to make Burnt Oak a great place to live, work and invest.

Since last Autumn, residents, councillors, and businesses have been involved in a number of consultation and community engagement exercises including the Burnt Oak Looking Forward event in February 2016, a number of traders meetings over summer 2016, the Multicultural Festivals in late 2015 and 2016, and a large number of smaller meetings and engagement exercises with residents, traders and community groups. 

Based on the learning and feedback from these events, we now have a final draft of the Burnt Oak Town Centre Plan that brings together this feedback and community knowledge.

The Town Centre Plan aims to:

  • establish a distinct identity for Burnt Oak which celebrates its unique character and assets both historically and in present time
  • form a business action plan that will strengthen existing economic assets whilst also diversifying its economic base
  • develop a set of design proposals that will transform the streetscape of the town centre, making it a pleasant place to visit and dwell for both residents and businesses
  • develop an understanding on how potential development sites could be intensified and encourage growth for the area that is sensitive to its historic context
  • establish the phasing and resources needed to deliver improvements to the area, which will be implemented over short, medium and long term timescales.

The strategy has been developed in the context of the council’s Entrepreneurial Barnet Strategy and the place-based commissioning approach.

The strategy has identified a number of short-term proposals for implementation with the available funding, supported by the GLA High Street Fund. The focus upon four key areas aims to maximise the transformative impact with the available budget through improvements to the public realm and an action plan to support local businesses.

To find out more about the strategy, please take the time to read our strategy document.

Why We Are Consulting

Having consulted with residents, businesses and councillors throughout this process, we are seeking feedback on the full strategy to enable all members of the community to have their say on our proposals before the strategy is finalised and implemented.

What Happens Next

The consultation has now closed and the council is currently analysing the results.

All the responses from the consultation will be taken into account. The council will publish the findings here and we will also let you know how we are acting on the results of the consultation under ‘We asked, You said, We Did’.


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