Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2021

Closes 3 Aug 2017

Opened 11 May 2017


Improving air quality in Barnet is vitally important, and in common with all London boroughs, Barnet continues to exceed national targets for air pollution. Over the last twenty five years we have made excellent progress on improving air quality in Barnet. Highlights of successful projects delivered through the previous action plan include:

  • Environmental Health have regularly inspected all of the borough’s permitted processes over the last 12 years, contributing to greatly reduced local emissions from industry and businesses.
  • Air Quality Champion (2014-2016) project funded by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund

So that we can continue to improve air quality across the borough we have produced a new draft Air Quality Action Plan 2017- 2022 (AQAP) which is also part of the council’s duty to contribute to London Local Air Quality Management.

This new plan builds on our previous plan and outlines the steps the council will take from 2017 to 2022 to improve air quality across the borough. The plan gives details on  how the council will:

  • continue to meet its statutory obligations for managing air quality;
  • work across many council services  and with partners  to minimise emissions from transport, existing buildings, and new developments, including Brent Cross and other regeneration projects within the borough;
  • continue to raise awareness of air quality issues to the public and encourage residents to  do their bit to reduce levels of pollution and raise  awareness of the importance to reduce their exposure to poor air quality; and
  • work in partnership with others to press for more action to be taken at all levels of government.

We are now consulting with residents on the contents and the actions we have identified in our draft Air Quality Action Plan 2017 - 2022. To find out more about our proposals please take the time to read the full Air Quality Action Plan 2017 - 2021 here.

Why We Are Consulting

Our draft Air Quality Action Plan will ensure we can continue to monitor how we are doing and sets out clear targets on what we want to achieve by 2022.

Before we finalise the draft plan we want to give residents the opportunity to have their say to ensure the plan is appropriate for all our local communities.  

The consultation is open to everyone and asks your views on the overall document, its actions and how we can all support this work.

Give Us Your Views

Please take the time to read our draft Air Quality Action Plan and then give us your views by completing our short online questionnaire. If you require this consultation in an alternative format please contact 


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