Residents’ Perception Survey Spring 2017

Closes 18 May 2017

Opened 20 Apr 2017


The council is currently conducting a Residents’ Perception Telephone Survey with a sample of 500 residents from across the borough. The survey asks residents for their views on local services and various aspects of life in their local area.

The council has commissioned Westco Ltd, an independent market research company, to conduct this survey. To ensure a cross section of Barnet's population is represented, Westco use a randomly selected sample of landlines from their own held database, as well as purchasing lists from other commercially available sources. Barnet has not provided any customer contact details for this research. The sample is set to quota in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and housing tenure to ensure the achieved sample is representative of Barnet's population.

Why We Are Consulting

The council and its partners want to know how you feel about your local area and how you feel we are doing in delivering local services.

The survey is administered twice a year so that we can monitor our performance and make improvements in order to continue to deliver excellent services.

Give Us Your Views

If you do receive a telephone call from Westco Ltd. please take the time to take part in the survey. Your views and opinions on your local area and on the services we provide are important to us.

Your input and time in this research will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Communications
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