Corporate Plan Consultation 2012-13

Closed 30 Nov 2011

Opened 27 Sep 2011

Feedback Updated 12 Mar 2012

We Asked

We asked you which services are the most important for the council to focus on, for you and the community, over the next ten years. We also asked for your views on next years Corporate Plan and what type of information you would like about the performance of our services.

You Said

In terms of most important services, you agreed that universal services like refuse collection and roads and pavements are important, however it was also acknowledged that the various social services provided by the Council for vulnerable residents are really important too. In terms of our draft corporate plan objectives although you liked the fact that there were fewer objectives than last year, the draft objectives appeared vague and lacking in tangible meaning as presented.

We Did

We have redrafted the corporate plan objectives to be more specific and developed a new objective around businesses and the local economy, including plans to tackle youth unemployment. We are also going to ensure that performance and other useful information is accessible and visible on our new website.

Results Updated 16 May 2012

The consultation has now closed and we would like to thank all of our residents who took part. 

The results of the consultation are included in our Corporate Plan Consultation Report which also includes recommendations.

The results of this consultation were also used to inform our Business Planning 2012/13-2014/15.

The Business Plan was agreed by Cabinet on 20th February 2012.


The Council’s agreed budget over the next three years reflects the present state of the economy. Last year, the Coalition Government’s Spending Review set out plans to cut total public spending by £81 billion by 2014-15.  This will inevitably have a big impact on Council budgets across the country.  Over a four year period, we expect to lose about 30% of our income and we need to make matching reductions in the amount the Council is spending.
As we consider how to prioritise our resources over the coming years to meet the local challenges we face, it’s essential that we listen to the views of residents.

To help you understand the scale of the challenges we face please take the time to watch this short video presented by Councillor Dan Thomas, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet member for Resources and Performance.  

Why We Are Consulting

We are refreshing the council’s Corporate Plan over the next six months and we want to know your views on which services you feel are important.

The public expenditure cuts facing the country and council will affect many of our residents and the council is seeking to listen to as many people as possible as we respond to the challenge of a shrinking budget.


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