Keeping waste in the right place - A consultation on the introduction of Barnet’s Waste Regulations 2017

Closes 14 Jun 2017

Opened 4 May 2017


Our local environment is important to all of us; it is one of the things which makes Barnet a great place to live and work.  We are committed to maintaining high levels of resident satisfaction and preserving the green and clean nature of the borough.

Residents highlight that the quality of the local environment and keeping our high streets free of litter and fly-tipped material is very important to them. In the past we have educated our residents, businesses and visitors and will continue to do so in the future to ensure everyone is aware of the importance of keeping our streets clean. In 2016 we also introduced our Enforcement policy to address these issues, which has been successful.

However, we still have the following problems:

  • Businesses currently have no restrictions about how much waste they can leave on a high street or how long it can be left out for. This means that bins and bags of waste can be left on the street for a number of days, which can affect visitors to the high street and other businesses.
  • Those residents who do not follow the guidance and advice given by the council on what materials can be recycled or disposed of as waste, do not recycle materials and place additional bags of waste next to their waste bin or those who ignore information about what day their recycling and waste will be collected can cause issues for other residents. Other residents remain affected un-neighbourly behaviours and the cost to council tax payers is higher than it needs to be.

Our proposed solution

  • To further ensure our streets are kept clean and tidy and we would like to introduce Barnet Waste Regulations 2017.
  • The draft Barnet Waste Regulations 2017 have been produced to allow the council to specify how, when and where recycling and waste containers should be placed for collection, as well as, which containers should be used and what should and should not go in them. The regulations will provide guidance to residents and businesses. The council would help residents and businesses to comply with the new regulations by continuing to ensure good communications about what is required of them as part of the regulations.

The implementation of such waste regulations has been successful at a number of other local authorities. The proposed Barnet Waste Regulations 2017 aim to improve the quality of the local environment, and in turn help make our town centres a more attractive place to live, work and visit. The regulations will also help us, our residents and our businesses to ensure that our priorities can be met.

To find out more about our proposals, please take the time to read our consultation document. More information is provided in the draft waste regulations which were considered at Environment Committee on 15th March 2017 and is available online.

Why We Are Consulting

We are looking to introduce Barnet Waste Regulations 2017 and are keen to gather the views of the public help shape the waste regulations and see whether the residents, businesses and visitors support the introduction of the regulations.

We want to make sure that our regulations reflect the needs of all our communities in Barnet. The consultation is open to all Barnet residents, businesses, partners, community groups, and voluntary organisations.

The findings from the consultation will help us review and inform the final Barnet Waste Regulations 2017. The feedback from the consultation will be considered by Full Council July 2017 who will then make a decision on the adoption of the regulations. 

Give Us Your Views

Please take the time to read our consultation document and then give us your views on our proposals by completing the online questionnaire.  

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