Proposed changes to Barnet's Fairer Contributions Policy for Adult Social Care

Closed 6 Feb 2017

Opened 14 Nov 2016


We are seeking your views on changing our Fairer Contributions Policy in a way that is fair and prioritises support for those in greatest need.

These proposals are about fees and charges for community based (non-residential) care services which include: home care, day care, supported living, extra care, direct payments and other services financially assessed under our Fairer Contributions Policy.

Our Fairer Contributions Policy has largely remained unchanged since 2011. However in the last five years there have been a number of changes from central government which directly or indirectly impact on local authority contribution policies. These include changes to welfare benefits, new community care legislation and market changes within the care sector.

We need to consider these changes because adult social care services are under growing pressure. The amount of money available for councils to spend has reduced and will continue to reduce over the coming years. There is also growing demand for adult social care services, driven by population growth and an increase in life expectancy.

Despite economic growth, Barnet Council faces a significant budget gap of £61.5 million between now and 2020. This means that many of the council’s services have to make savings and do things differently to ensure we can continue providing the services we know that residents value and rely on.

We need to review and adjust the contributions that people pay to make sure that charges and fees are fair and sustain services. Contributions towards the costs of care will continue to be assessed on income, savings and outgoings to make sure that that no one is asked to pay more than they can afford.

We estimate that these proposals for non-residential care services would generate an additional £290 thousand to cover the cost of care in 2017/18.

We have provided further information on the new proposals in our consultation document.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to find out what you think about our proposals before a final decision is made.

The consultation is open to all Barnet residents, anybody using adult social care services in Barnet, their carers and families and those that work with adults in the borough.

The findings from the consultation will contribute to the final recommendations that are put forward in the spring of 2017. The Committee will then make a decision on the way forward and if approved would come into effect from April 2017.

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed.

Your responses are being considered and will inform the recommendations made on the changes to the Fairer Contributions Policy.

We will advise of the decisions made following consideration of the recommendations.


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